The Easiest Way to Fail is to never begin

The Easiest Way to Fail

Taking Action Has never come easily to me. By nature I would spend my life looking at a problem and try to understand my way through it. In my mind if I research enough, if I understand something well enough, nothing will go wrong.

Given the chance, some of us will sit and plan and try to learn away our fears, waiting for a time when we know everything about what we are planning to do. In our foolishness we think that we can understand something completely and then do the work.

That kind of thinking is poison. If I have learned one thing over the last 7 years it’s that creativity isn’t possible without action. If you don’t go out and do the work you will never grow.

There is a time in everyone’s business, project, art or hobby that you need to put down the book, keep yourself off the internet and go and do the work!

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Get out of your own way

Every time you look at another person’s work and you feel like you’re not enough, every time you check a website and find a new type of paint or a new lens or some new piece of software and you let learning about that distract you from making new art, you’re feeding your own fear of failure.

We all need some direction and every project has a minimum level of inspiration or equipment but once you have that I want you to stop. Stop looking at others, stop learning new techniques. Go and apply what you already know.

Stop trying to learn until you have a problem you need to overcome.

Find unique solutions  

Creativity isn’t always about going into situations and expecting nothing to go wrong. It’s about using the knowledge you have to find new and unique solutions to problems.

The way you overcome the unforeseen roadblocks you find on the way is what builds your creativity. Learning how to make the tools you already have work and adapt to the situation is what develops your visual voice.  The more often you get used to overcoming obstacles on the fly the more your voice will show through in your work.


You don’t develop your voice over night but every time you take action rather than letting fear or indecision get the better of you you’ll be one step closer to success. I want you to go out now and pick up your paints and paint, to head into the kitchen and bake, pick up your scissors and style or pick up your camera and shoot. Create something, experience the obstacles, learn, share, reflect and then make more stuff!

Forget the fear and do it! Because in the end the easiest way to fail is to never begin in the first place.

Tom W

Tom Wright