Directed Documentary Photography

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Case Studies

Great photography isn't about a hero image, it's building brand and context

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Brandon Consultants

Most branding agencies strive to feel modern at all costs, not so with Brandon consultants, they push forward but stay grounded in practical artwork and design principles.


Simon Townley Hair

If you don't believe in hairdressing as an artform, talk to Simon and get back to me. He loses sleep over his craft and works tirelessly to bring excellence to an industry to often seen as a comodity.

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Cloisters Bistro

Craft. It's what separates chefs. When they focus on what's important you can see it in every dish they serve. Even the simplest ingredients are sourced for their flavour and prepared with true care.

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Tom W is a photographer based in Manchester, England, specialising in directed documentary photography for lifestyle brands looking to tell an authentic story.

I work to show your customers the truth behind your product, service or brand helping you live out loud online and share with your customers in an authentic way.

Real images of real moments

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